Missing tooltip target

It can happen that a tooltip target element can’t be found in your app. Typical reasons include:

  • The page you are navigating to with the element is taking a long time to load. See element is present solution below.
  • The user navigated to the wrong page. The “Missing tooltip target behavior” described below will take effect.
  • Something substantial has changed in your app, so Userflow can no longer find the element. The solution is to re-select the element and re-publish the flow.
  • In very rare cases, Userflow may have a hard time finding an element you just selected while building a flow. If this happens, feel free to reach out to us so we can have a look and help.

Long page load time: Use Element is Present

If the reason for the missing element is that the page is taking a long time to load you can change the trigger for going to the next step to be “Element is present”, where you point to a unique element that is on the next page. This can often be the same element that you are pointing to in the following step.

Element is present

Configuring Missing tooltip target behavior

On Settings → Themes under the Tooltip section, you can configure how Userflow should behave when a tooltip target can’t be found:

Theme options

By default, Userflow will wait for 1 second after your app finishes loading, before giving up. You can increase the Missing tooltip target tolerance field if you want Userflow to wait longer.

If this tolerance period is exceeded, Userflow can do 1 of 3 things:

  1. Show warning: Use this option if you want Userflow to show a generic message informing the user that they may have navigated to the wrong page, including a Start over and a Close guide button.
  1. Use speech bubble instead: Use this option if you want Userflow to show the step’s regular message, but in a speech bubble instead of a tooltip. This can be useful if you know that the tooltip target element may sometimes not show up on purpose, and the message is self-explanatory.

  2. Auto-dismiss flow: Use this option if you want Userflow to just permanently end the flow.

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