Do you know your ideal customer profile?

From my experience with both Userflow and Cobalt, I have seen the power of knowing your ideal customer profile (ICP). I have also seen the frustration it can bring if you or your organization don’t know it.

Ideal customer profile

In this blog post I will explain why an ICP is important and how you can identify and define it.

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Accessibility improvements

We’ve released a series of accessibility improvements to Userflow.js, which makes it easier to use various Userflow elements in your app with keyboard and screen readers.

Watch the video for a full walkthrough:

List of improvements

  • All content is now properly marked with role and aria- attributes.
  • Steps are represented by alertdialog elements, which make screen readers announce them when they appear.
  • We now auto-focus the first button (or question) in steps for modals, or if previous step also had focus (we keep focus inside the Userflow chrome).
  • We trap focus on modal steps. When user Tabs with their keyboard, it’ll cycle around the Userflow buttons and won’t leave the modal.
  • We moved toolbar buttons, such as the X-close-icon, last in the tab order.
  • When Userflow closes, we automatically revert focus to the element in your app that was previously active.
  • Pressing Escape now closes the flow (and reverts focus to your app).
  • Accessibility of questions have been improved.
  • Checklist and checklist launcher accessibility has been improved. Focus is now moved nicely between launcher and checklist when opened/minimized.

Future improvements

We have several ideas on how to improve accessibility of non-modal speech bubble steps and tooltips. Watch the video above to hear about that!

We always welcome feedback, so if there’s anything accessibility-wise that you’d love to see from Userflow, just reach out to us.

Review of Product-led Onboarding - by Ramli John with Wes Bush


TLDR; Ramli and Wes have written a great book that I think will inspire more SaaS businesses to build great product-led onboarding.

I am a big fan of Wes Bush and Ramli John’s work with the community and the book Product-led Growth. Thus as a co-founder of Userflow, a company focused on product-led user onboarding I was excited when Ramli John announced he would publish a book on the topic.

Onboarding is one of the most important aspects of a Product-led growth strategy and typically one of the first things that a SaaS company will focus on as they venture into becoming product-led. So writing a book on this topic was a fantastic idea.

I recently completed reading the now published Product-led Onboarding. The first paragraph in the book chapter one where Ramli uses his book as an example of product-led onboarding, asking “Why did you decide to read this book?” inspired me to do an entire review of the experience I had with the book from a product-led onboarding perspective going through the different phases of acquisition, activation, retention, and referral.

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Dismiss flow when user clicks modal backdrop

You can now configure your theme to make Userflow dismiss flows when a user clicks on the modal backdrop (the semi-transparent layer behind modals).

Look for the new Modal backdrop behavior option under the Modal section in the theme editor.

Modal backdrop

The default setting remains Do nothing.

Zapier integration

We’re excited to announce our new Zapier integration.

The Userflow-Zapier integration enables you to instantly connect Userflow with 3,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

Example use cases

  • Pass survey/NPS responses made in Userflow to other tools. E.g. post it on your CRM timeline, or post it in a shared Slack channel.
  • Pass events, such as when flows are completed, to other providers, such as your marketing/email automation tools.
  • Update user details in Userflow, when the user’s info changes in another system such as your CRM.

See Userflow on Zapier

Full-width images and (negative) margins

You can now make images and videos in your flows extend all the way to the sides, achieving a cool full-width look.

Full-width image

This is made possible by the new Margin settings in the image/video popover. Simply click an image and check Margin.

To extend the image to the sides, add a negative margin (such as -24 pixels).

Full-width image

Identity verification

At Userflow, security is of the utmost importance. Today we’re releasing a new security feature called Identity verification.

Identity verification adds an additional security layer to your Userflow.js snippet, by requiring a special signature, which only your back-end can compute via a secret key provided by Userflow. This prevents malicious third parties from posting data to Userflow on behalf of your users.

We strongly recommend that you configure and enforce identity verification to safe-guard your users’ information.

Read more in our Identity verification guide

Iframe support

Userflow now works out-of-the-box with iframes. It even works with iframes inside of iframes. Go crazy with iframes.

The only requirement is that your iframes and the top-level document is on the same domain. Besides that, there’s nothing special you have to do to use Userflow with iframes.

Read more in our Iframes guide

New content-related REST API endpoints

We’ve added a few content-related REST API endpoints, which your back-end can use to e.g. look up whether a specific user has seen a specific flow, or to fetch a list of flows that users may start in your app.

You can now read the following resources via the API:

  • Content - GET /content - lists all your flows, checklists and launchers.
  • Content versions - GET /content_versions - contains the actual contents (such as survey questions and checklist tasks) of content objects in a versioned manner.
  • Content sessions - GET /content_sessions - a session is a specific user’s journey through a specific flow.

Spoiler: We’ve partly added this for our upcoming Zapier integration. Ask us if you’d like early access to our Zapier app.

HubSpot Integration

We are very excited to announce the launch of our bi-directional HubSpot Integration. This useful integration will allow you to better integrate Userflow into your sales and customer success processes and e.g. auto-start flows based on HubSpot properties and keep track of onboarding events in HubSpot.

Add HubSpot

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