Updated and previous attributes in webhook notifications

We’ve made an improvement to our webhooks, which enables your custom integration to track which attributes changed, and to see what the values were before.

Webhook notifications for the user.updated and group.updated topics now includes previous_attributes and updated_attributes keys in addition to the full object.

Here’s a partial example of what that looks like (this is what’s POSTed to your webhook subscription endpoint URL):

  "object": "webhook_notification",
  "data": {
    "object": {
      "id": "4738382",
      "object": "user",
      "attributes": {
        "email": "annabelle@example.com",
        "email_verified": true
    "previous_attributes": {
      "email_verified": false
    "updated_attributes": {
      "email_verified": true
  "topic": "user.updated"

This is useful if you’d either like to know what an attribute was before it changed, or if you just want to know which attributes actually changed in this round. Read more in our Webhook subscriptions docs.

New "Set user attribute" action

You can now easily update user attributes via the new Set user attribute action. This action can be added to buttons, triggers, checklist tasks etc.

One common use case is to mark a checklist task as completed either when a related flow is completed or if the user explicitly opts out via a click on a button with a Set user attribute action. You could also use it to control the auto-start condition, e.g. only restart later if a specific button wasn’t clicked, by having the button setting an attribute used in the auto-start condition.

Builder with Set attribute action

The action can also increment/decrement number attributes, in case you’re keeping a counter of something.

Random attributes for easy A/B testing

You can now create Random A/B and Random Number attributes directly in the Userflow UI. Once set up in your account, Userflow will automatically assign either A or B (or a random number) to each user.

Simply add your random attribute under Settings → Attributes:

Create Random A/B attribute

Then use it in your flows like any other attribute:

Flow builder

No coding necessary!

Read more in our new A/B testing guide

Shuffle multiple choice options

Happy New Year to all Userflow friends out there in the big world! 🥳 🌍

We’re excited to announce a new Shuffle option order setting for our multiple choice survey questions. When enabled, the order of the options will be randomly rearranged for each individual user. This helps prevent bias in selection, as some users may be more likely to choose options that appear at the top.

We hope this new feature will make your surveys even more effective at collecting unbiased responses. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Happy surveying!

Shuffle option order

Snooze flows

Today, we are excited to announce a new feature that takes your flows to the next level: The ability to add a “Snooze” action within your flows.

With this new feature, you can now add a “Snooze” or “Show me later” button to any flow. When the user clicks this button, the flow will automatically restart after a specified amount of time.

This is a valuable addition to Userflow because it gives your users more control over their experience within your product. Instead of feeling forced to complete a flow, they can now choose to snooze it and come back to it later when they are ready. This can help reduce friction and improve the overall user experience.

Snooze action

Userflow is now a public app on Zapier


Userflow the best no-code builder for building in-app user onboarding, has been integrated with Zapier for more than a year, and we are happy to announce that we just moved from beta, to being a public app.

The Userflow-Zapier Integration enables you to instantly connect Userflow with 5,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

Example use cases

  • Pass survey/NPS responses made in Userflow to other tools. E.g. post it on your CRM timeline, or post it in a shared Slack channel.
  • Pass events, such as when flows are completed, to other providers, such as your marketing/email automation tools.
  • Trigger workflows in a CRM/Customer Success Platform based on Userflow events or vice versa.
  • Update user details in Userflow, when the user’s info changes in another system such as your CRM.

More information

Get an Onboarding Review

The Holidays are close, and at Userflow we are already dressed up in the Userflow Xmas swag and feeling jolly and generous.


Thus we want to give a gift to all the great SaaS companies out there. So therefore we are now offering free trial/freemium onboarding reviews until the 20th of December.

The onboarding reviews will be done by me (Esben, co-founder of Userflow) and follow a similar video style to the onboarding reviews we have done in our SaaS Onboarding Review video series. Nothing will be shared publicly, we will send the review in an email.

Want a review?

If you have a free trial or freemium, then share your website and request here. Note that your email domain needs to match your website domain.

Submit a request to get a review

Unlimited viewers for Pro and Enterprise

As an early xmas gift, we’re happy to announce that we now allow customers on Pro and Enterprise plans to add unlimited viewers (read-only team members) to their accounts.

Great onboarding is a company-wide initiative that does not only involve one team.

We already offer great integrations to bring Userflow data into other systems (e.g. CRMs and analytics tools), but we wanted to allow our customers to add other team members to Userflow to be able to keep track of surveys, onboarding progress and much more directly in the Userflow app.

This is especially valuable as we have strengthened functionality around:

We hope you will find this ability useful. Go to Settings -> Team and add your team members today.

Mixpanel cohort sync

You can now continuously sync Mixpanel cohorts to Userflow.

This way you can use Mixpanel’s more advanced conditions for targeting users that should see specific content from Userflow.

It’s super easy to set up. Check the Mixpanel integration docs.

Only start flow if not completed

A common use case is to have a recurring flow that starts periodically until the user completes it. This was possible before using a “Flow x is completed” condition. But now we’ve made it even easier with a simple checkbox:

Only if not completed

This checkbox appears if you pick either Multiple times per user or Unlimited times per user.