Userflow tips and tricks

You covered the basics. Now you want to use Userflow for even more great stuff.

Learn how you can solve for more advanced scenarios with Userflows no-code onboarding builder.

A welcome modal with a use case question

In the first video of the series Userflow co-founder Esben Friis-Jensen introduces you to how you can create a welcome modal with a use case question, and use the answer to personalize the experience.

Survey question
With Userflows powerful survey functionality you can add different question types e.g. multiple choice.
Bind answer to user attribute
Survey answers can be stored in an user attribute, thus one can keep track of what each user answered.
Trigger content based on attribute
The stored answer can be used in triggers and auto-start conditions to personalize Userflow content.

Launchers to highlight features

With Userflow launchers you can highlight features in a more subtle way than with flows. They are great for giving the users on-demand information about a functionality or field and for announcing new features.

Beacons to highlight
A beacon combined with a tooltip is a great way to highlight a feature in a subtle, but effective way.
Icons to inform and launch
With the icon type launcher you can create info icons next to key fields, or a play icon to start a flow
Buttons to announce and launch
Button type launchers works great for announcing things, or for having a temporary button to launch a flow.

NPS survey with conditional follow-up

With Userflow surveys e.g. NPS you can store the answer and ask different follow up questions depending on the initial answer.

NPS and free text
One of Userflows survey options is the NPS question. You can combine this with multiple text questions to monitor customer happiness.
Conditional follow-up
By storing the answer to the NPS question, you can use triggers to determine different follow-up questions depending on the score.
Just like other Userflow content, you can get detailed and exportable analytics on the NPS survey incl. the conditional follow-up questions.

Reusable segments for tracking and targeting

With Userflow segments you can create reusable lists of users or companies, that you can use to keep track of them, as well as for targeting/filtering onboarding content.

Attribute based segments
One can create segments that are based on user/company attributes. Great for building a segment based on e.g. role or sign up date.
Manual segments
You can create manual segments by manually selecting users or by adding them via a csv. Great for targeting a list of users for a survey.
Analytics tool segments
Using Userflows integrations with analytics providers like Heap, Mixpanel and Amplitude you can send cohorts into Userflow.

Embed engaging content that fits with your styling

Userflow allows you to embed content such a images, videos and custom CSS to make your flows more engaging as well as make them fit perfectly into the style of your application.

Images and Videos
By embedding images and videos you can make your content more engaging and aligned with the style of your application.
Columns can be used to make different selection options for your flows or for e.g adding a text next to an image.
Custom CSS
Custom CSS containers allows you embed pretty much any style you like to make Userflow fit perfect with the style of your application.

Retain users with cancellation flows

With Userflow you can trigger flows when users try to cancel their subscription. You can e.g. get feedback on the reason for cancelling as well as ask dynamic follow-up questions to retain the customer.

Event, page or UI driven triggers
You can trigger the cancellation flow at the right time based on custom events, the page the user arrives on or UI elements.
Feedback questions
With Userflow surveys you can ask about the cancellation reason, as well as other feedback, such as what they e.g. like about your application.
Dynamic follow-up questions
By storing the cancellation reason in an attribute you can automatically ask follow-up questions in an effort to retain the customer.

Engage users with short video flows

With Userflow you can embed short videos into your flows to make them more engaging and personal.

Embed videos
Userflow allows you embed videos from the most popular video providers.
Use your video providers built-in auto-play function to start the videos automatically.
Mix it up
Mix short video intro steps with text based step-by-step guides to give users an engaging experience.

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