Seriously sophisticated onboarding flows that captivate users

Userflow lets you build highly customized and dynamic flows.

It's so much more than boring product tours with Next, Next, Next buttons.

Fastest Flow Builder on the market

Flows that would previously take weeks of developer time, can now be built by anyone in just minutes with Userflow’s intuitive Flow Builder.

Visual, intuitive and no-code
Point and click. Drag and drop. No technical skills required.
Intelligent element selection
Our proprietary element selection algorithm can identify elements in your app based on simple text.
Preview directly in your own app
Easily preview and live-edit your flows in draft mode before publishing to your users.

Simple, seamless integration with any web app

Installing Userflow.js is quick and simple. Just copy-paste the installation code into your app, and you're ready to go.

Userflow.js is ultra light-weight and has a 5-10x smaller footprint than comparable solutions.

Works with all frameworks
If your app runs in a browser, it works with Userflow.
Works across multiple pages
Flows work with both Single Page Applications and apps that span multiple pages.
Custom user attributes and events
Track events and store user attributes, which can be used to segment and target users.

Build beautiful step-based flows

Onboarding guides, product tours, in-app help guides and feature announcements.

Each step can be a modal, tooltip or speech bubble.

Our rich content editor supports links, images, videos and user attributes.

Attract users' attention
Strategically place beacons on any element on your page that users should pay attention to.
Hide/disable buttons
Based on user criteria, buttons can be hidden or disabled, for example, until a text input is filled in.
Automagical triggers
If this, then that rules. Perform actions, such as going to the next step, when users click elements or type into a text field.

Track tasks with checklists

Get-started checklists work great as the user's anchor during their onboarding experience.

Checklists help tie all your flows together while always informing the user of the next steps to take.

Clicking tasks
Clicking tasks can start a flow, go to a page or whatever your app needs.
Task completion
Tasks are automatically marked as completed when the user completes actions that you choose.
Checklists stay active, in the background, while your users are getting familiar with your app.

Always-on, contextual and personalized Resource Center

With the Resource Center, your users can access help resources directly in your app.

It expands to a list of customizable blocks that let users search your existing knowledge base, find and start flows/tours on demand, and more.

Search knowledge base
Connect your existing knowledge base and let users find articles directly in your app.
Live-chat integration
The Contact block lets users open your live-chat provider, and see e-email/phone contact details.
Contextual and personalized
Make blocks appear only on certain pages, or only for certain user profiles.

Surveys and NPS

Build in-app surveys with contextual questions.

Measure customer satisfaction and collect user feedback.

Analyze responses in aggregate, or dive into individual users' responses.

Ask at the right time
Show your questions at the perfect time and for the right users, using targeted conditions.
NPS, CSAT, free-form text and more
We support multiple question types, providing for a full survey experience.
Logic-based surveys
Show different questions based on previous answers using "if this, then that" rules.


Banners are a direct line to your users. Want to share a quick update, a maintenance notice, or highlight a feature? Use a banner.

Show banners to specific users or on selected pages. It’s all about sending the right message to the right people at the right time.

Place it anywhere
Add banners at the top, bottom, or embedded within container elements in your app.
Customize appearance
Make sure the banner fits your app’s look. Adjust layout, size, and colors.
Call-to-action buttons
Link to an app page, open a blog post in a new tab, start a flow, and more.


Keep your users in the loop about new features, fixes, events, and more, all within the resource center.

We track which users have seen each announcement and display a notification badge on the resource center launcher.

You can even highlight important announcements with a popout for added visibility.

Notification badge
An unread counter, displayed directly on your resource center launcher, indicating unread announcements.
Notification levels
Notify users with a notifiation badge or with a popout. Or not (silently).
Post announcements immediately or schedule them for later.

No-code Event Tracking

Enables non-technical team members to set up event trackers directly from our UI, without code.

This is an alternative to asking your developers to instrument your code with track() calls.

Privacy- and security-friendly
Trackers run 100% client-side. We’re not streaming any content or clicks out of the user’s browser.
Accurate and robust
Since trackers run client-side, we’re able to use sophisticated algorithms for recognizing elements.
Stream to your analytics provider
Stream tracked events to analytics providers, such as Amplitude or Mixpanel, for advanced analysis.

Work professionally with multi-environment and version history

Userflow matches your company's Production/Staging workflows.

Run multiple environments (e.g. Production and Staging) under the same Userflow account.
Publish to individual environments
Makes it easy to test changes in Staging before publishing to Production.
Version history
Track changes in your flows over time. See who did what and when.

Completely customize your theme

Userflow can be customized to make flows and checklists look as if they were a part of your app.

Personalize flows by uploading your own photo or use one of our cartoon avatars.
Your own colors and font
Choose colors for text, buttons and more. Choose your font family and size.
Multiple themes
You can create multiple themes and use them in different flows.

Awesome analytics and insights

Userflow tracks when users see flows and how they progress through them.

This data can be analyzed directly in Userflow or exported to select analytics partners for integration with the rest of your event tracking.

Insights and statistics
Analyze your flows' performance with views and completion rates.
Individual user tracking
Dive into individual users' journeys through your flows.
Detect drop-offs
Tell which step causes the most confusion/indifference and fix the problem.

Smart segmentation and personalization

Using custom user attributes, you can tailor users' onboarding experience to their needs and roles.

Multi-language support
Build a flow once, translate just the bits that vary from language to language.
Start flows automatically
Based on user criteria you set, flows can start e.g. when users sign up, visit a page or activate a feature.
Branched flows
Based on user attributes or user behavior, you can branch users' paths through your flows.


Userflow plays nice with other tools you use.

Userflow-generated events, such as Flow Started and Checklist Task Completed, can be continuously streamed into your product analytics provider.

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