AI Assistant

Transform your support experience by leveraging GPT-4 and your knowledge base. Our AI Assistant delivers instant, accurate answers to user questions, both on your website and within your application.

Enhance user satisfaction and reduce support workload with our truly helpful AI Assistant!

Trusted by 500+ software providers

Your very own chatbot in no-time with no-code

The fastest way to fast and accurate support.

Set one up in just a few minutes, no technical skills needed.

Super simple to setup

Just give your AI Assistant its sources of knowledge – such as your website and help center – and it'll do the rest.

All you need is a URL, and you're all set to experience the power of AI-driven support.

Seamless help center integration

Ignite your AI Assistant's capabilities by providing effortless access to your help center content, even with authentication in place.

You're in control of exactly which categories should be included in the assistant's knowledge.

No waiting

Users expect fast response times when interacting with chatbots.

That's why our AI Assistant is designed to provide instantaneous responses, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

No false information

While the AI Assistant is great at answering questions already answered in the sources, it can also deduce the right answers to a lot of questions.

But it won't hallucinate and invent answers if the facts aren't there.

Analyze and optimize

Gain valuable insights by analyzing user conversations to assess the AI Assistant's effectiveness.

Improve source content or implement customized instructions for optimal and enhanced responses.

Try it out for yourself

See exactly how the AI Assistant can work for you and help your users.

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