Product-led onboarding
best practices

Product-led user onboarding is a powerful way for SaaS businesses to scale trial conversion and retention.

Learn best practices from Userflow on how to build product-led onboarding.

What is Product-led Onboarding?

Userflow co-founder Esben Friis-Jensen explains what product-led onboarding is, and why it is an effective tool for SaaS businesses.

Onboarding fit for the modern users
Product-led onboarding is fit for the modern end-users, who wants to be able to self serve.
Sell and retain with your product
Product-led onboarding drives growth and retention by having users realize value via the product itself.
Automate to scale
Through product-led onboarding, you can scale fast without hiring a lot of people.

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Setting your onboarding goals

The first part of building product-led onboarding is really to understand and align on what you want to achieve with building it. This ensures focus and gives a way to measure success.

Choose the most important goal
Stay focused and keep things simple by not focusing on a ton of different goals.
Make it measurable
To track if you are successful or not, it is important that your goals are tied to a metric.
Correlate to onboarding metrics
The metric(s) for your goal should be tied to onboarding metrics, to track if onboarding is impacting the goal.

Identifying your Aha moments

After knowing your goal you need to identify the key Aha moments for your product. Aha moments are the value realizations a user needs to experience for them to become and/or stay on as a customer.

More than one Aha
A product typically has more than one Aha moment, and the Ahas might differentiate per user type.
Speak with your customers
A qualitative way to identify an Aha moment is to speak with customers who just bought.
Analyze via analytics tools
Do a quantative analysis by using analytics tools, but don't overengineer it.

Start from your public facing content

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Give your users free access to your product.

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Welcome your users to your product.

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Use an onboarding checklist

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Build action-driven flows that drives towards Aha!

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Remove uneccesary friction

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Never stop onboarding

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Don't forget about support

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Product-led onboarding tools

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