Powerful in-app surveys

Ask questions to your users at the right time and place through contextual in-app microsurveys.

Get more and better feedback.

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Contextual surveys to achieve a higher response rate

Build surveys that asks contextual questions inside your application during a flow or while a user is using a feature. Ask at the right time.

Auto-start conditions
Trigger questions at the perfect time for the right users using user events and attributes.
Logic-based surveys
Surveys are managed via our powerful flow builder leading to endless customization possibilities.
Track responses
Easily track all responses on an individual user or on a company wide level.

NPS, CSAT, and much more

Userflow’s powerful survey feature supports numerous different survey types allowing you to get the complete picture of your users.

Collect customer happiness metrics directly in your product.
Free-form text
Get more granular feedback to help understand how you can improve.
Analyze with a click of a button
All responses are easily analyzed via our powerful survey analytics feature

See an example

See what an NPS survey can look like from your users' perspective.

See example NPS survey