Always-on, contextual, personalized
Resource Center

Users save time and find better answers. Your customer success team can focus on important cases.

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Your own help menu in no-time with no-code

Lots of popular apps, such as Notion and Figma, have this (?) help icon in the lower right corner. Ever dreamed of having your own?

Set one up in just a few minutes, no technical skills needed.

Make it contextual (e.g. based on current page) and personalized (e.g. based on user role).

Search your Knowledge base without leaving your app

Works with any existing knowledge base provider and home-built docs sites.

Find and start guided tours on demand

Let users find new guided tours and restart ones they've already seen.

Seamless integration with your favorite live-chat provider

One help button to rule them all.

The Resource Center elegantly yields to your live-chat provider when users want to contact you.

Super easy theming

Make it look like a native part of your app.

See an example

See what a Resource Center can look like from your users' perspective.

See example Resource Center