Your first Userflow onboarding

Learn how you can easily build product-led onboarding with Userflow.

High quality onboarding that can be build by Product Managers, Customers Success or Designers.

The basics

Userflow co-founder Esben Friis-Jensen introduces you to Userflow, as well as the video series focus of building a simple yet powerful onboarding setup that can convert and retain customers.

No-code builder
With Userflows no-code builder anyone can build and maintain a great user onboarding experience.
Tours, checklists and more
Userflow offers a number of different content types for building onboarding.
Convert and retain more customers
With a simple onboarding setup you can convert more free users to paid, and keep them as happy customers.

A Welcome message

First impressions matter. The first thing you want to do when users sign up for your platform is to welcome them with a nice welcome message.

Give a nice intro
Add a nice text that presents your product in a clear and concise way.
Embed videos and images
Embed videos and images for a more branded and visual welcome.
Clear CTA for the next step
Have a call-to-action button to drive the user to an Aha moment.

The first Aha Moment

After you have welcomed your user, you want to guide the user to experience the first Aha moment with your product. This can be done with a action based in-app guide

Drive towards the first Aha
After the initial welcome message you want to give users the first value experience.
Drive action
Do not do a boring next, next, next tour. Make an engaging flow that drives action.
Be clear and concise
Be clear and concise and highlight what the user needs to do in the flow to avoid misunderstandings.

A Checklist

An onboarding checklist is a great way to give the user an anchor and a feeling of accomplishment as they move through additional Aha! moments. In this video we focus on how you can build such a checklist.

Give a feeling of accomplishment
Add a task that is easy to complete like the first Aha or something even more basic.
Keep it short
Do not make your checklist too long, make it so the user feel they can easily complete it.
Drive towards Aha!
Just as for your initial Aha moment, the other tasks should also be action-driven and focused on a key Aha Moment.

A Resource Center

With the welcome modal, initial flow and checklist you have a great setup for an initial onboarding experience. However onboarding never ends, and by adding a resource center to the mix you get an always on help widget.

Search flows and knowledge base
With a resource center you can have a searchable list of flows/tours and knowledge base articles inside your application.
Integrate with your chat provider
A resource center works flawlessly with any popular chat provider, so users can reach support if they cannot find help themselves.
Give contextual actions
You can add contextual links based on the page the user is currently on, so its readily available without them having to search for it.

Installing Userflow in your product

All Userflow content, can be built without using any code. But when you want to do a full end-to-end test or deploy to end users you need to install a small piece of javascript in your application.

Simple and easy to install script
Userflow.js is a lightweight javascript snippet that is easy to install for your developers.
Multi environment support
One can install Userflow in more than one environment, so you can do testing in QA/Staging.
Attributes and Events
Via the javacript you can send attributes and events from your application database into Userflow.

Start building product-led onboarding today

Userflow is the fastest way to build custom in-app product tours, checklists and surveys. No coding needed.

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