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Visma Dinero Case Study

How Visma Dinero provides 24/7 onboarding and support with in-app content and AI Assistant.

Mikkel Mejldal
Product Manager

Great onboarding without spending developer time

Mikkel Mejldal, Product Manager and the Visma Dinero (Dinero) team had been searching for a smart and scalable way to onboard their thousands of new and existing users onto their SaaS accounting platform.

After doing extensive research, they decided on Userflow as the best solution.

“We purchased Userflow primarily to enhance our onboarding process. Given that we had limited developer availability and were resource-constrained, we needed a tool that was plug'n'play and wouldn't require extensive integration efforts.”

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

Exactly the ease of use and the ability to quickly get started was a key reason for going with Userflow.

“When it came to integrating Userflow into our systems, the process was seamless and hassle-free."

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

Not just another one-size-fits all solution

Besides from finding a solution that was easy to use, Mikkel and the Dinero team also knew that in order to build great onboarding, they needed a high level of sophistication to build different types of in-app content with a native feel to the rest of the product, as well as be able to handle complex scenarios for user targeting and journeys.

What we genuinely appreciate about Userflow is its remarkable flexibility. The platform is not just a one-size-fits-all but offers extensive customization options. This adaptability ensures that we can tailor our user experiences and workflows to target exactly what we're aiming for in the precise manner we envision”

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

Especially the ability to send custom user and company attributes from their own database to Userflow was something they found highly useful for targeting the right users in a personalized way.

“Being able to utilize custom attributes means we can tailor our messages and prompts more effectively, ensuring a more personalized and impactful user experience.”

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

Automating support with the AI Assistant

After Dinero had been customers for a while Mikkel and the team had built out a great onboarding experience with Userflow, improving the adoption of their offering. But they still had challenges with providing highly quality ongoing support to their thousands of customers.

This changed when Userflow launched their GPT-4 powered AI Assistant, an automated support chatbot, which can answer customer support questions based on source data like a website or knowledge base.

As a forward thinking business Dinero was looking into applying the power of GPT-4 and AI in their business, and Userflow made it easy to get started in one of the critical areas of a business with many customers: Support.

Dinero was attracted by the high quality answers the Userflow AI Assistant could provide, as well as the ease of use and the ability to quickly get started without the need for involving developers

“One of the standout features of the AI Assistant is how effortlessly we could get started with it. The capability to test it thoroughly before rolling it out to our users was invaluable. What's even more advantageous is that we don't have to delve into the technical aspects; thus, we save on development hours.”

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

Perfectly customizing the chatbot to their needs

While it was easy to get started, then similar to other Userflow content, the AI Assistant offers a lot of advanced functionality, making it stronger than other similar AI assistants on the market.

“The AI Assistant adaptability is commendable, allowing us to tailor it seamlessly according to our needs.”

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

Dinero especially finds the web crawler that scrapes the source data user friendly yet powerful:

“A standout feature of the AI assistant that we greatly appreciate is its utilization of the web crawler, which is incredibly easy to manage. This capability simplifies the process of incorporating the necessary sources the AI Assistant relies upon to provide answers to user queries.”

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

Additionally the Custom instructions feature, which allows Dinero to provide instructions for how the AI Assistant should respond in different scenarios and for different user types has made it possible to build a chatbot that gives personalized answers to their customers.

“The custom instructions feature is a game-changer. With its help, we can tailor the AI Assistant to distinguish between different business types. Since accounting and tax regulations often vary based on the type of business, this feature ensures that the AI Assistant can offer our users more precise and relevant assistance.”

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

Demo of the Visma Dinero Userflow implementation

Watch this video where Userflow co-founder Esben Friis-Jensen highlights how Visma Dinero implemented Userflow.

24/7 automated onboarding and support

With the power of Userflow, Dinero is now able to provide 24/7 automated onboarding and support to their customers.

“The AI assistant has been instrumental in enhancing our user support experience. It now enables us to provide continuous assistance to our users 24/7"

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

This combined with the onboarding content has been a game changer for their business.

“Userflow has significantly streamlined our business processes. It has provided us with an efficient means of communicating with our users without the necessity of developer involvement. As a result, we've experienced a reduction in the time-to-market for campaigns, communications, release notes, and other initiatives. This has optimized our workflows and enhanced the overall user experience and engagement with our platform.”

- Mikkel Mejldal, Visma Dinero

The challenges

  • Building sophisticated product onboarding without developers.
  • Allowing marketing and product to build in-app communication.
  • Providing scalable support for their thousands of users.

Why they chose Userflow

  • User-friendly no-code builder with no need for developers.
  • Highly sophisticated content and targeting of users.
  • A powerful GPT-4 powered AI Assistant.

The results

  • Enhanced user experience and onboarding without spending developer time.
  • Reduced time-to-market for in-app communications.
  • 24/7 automated support.

About Visma Dinero

Visma Dinero (Dinero) is an accounting program for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Denmark, where you can create and send electronic invoices via your browser, post your purchase receipts and create your VAT accounts – easy and simple.

Since 2012 Dinero has helped 80,000+ customers by providing a seamless accounting experience.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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