Deleting/Resetting user data

You can easily delete the data you’ve collected about a user with Userflow. Some common use cases are:

  • Testing: When testing your flows or checklists, it can be helpful to delete the user in Userflow several times. This could be to reset the user’s progress so that you can test flows’ auto-start conditions or so you can reset/restart a checklist from scratch. It’s also a helpful way to remove test data from your metrics.
  • GDPR and pricacy compliance: A user has requested to be forgotten by your service.

Deleting/Resetting a user completely

This will delete everything Userflow knows about a user.

  • Find the user on the Users page, e.g. by searching for their name, email or user ID.
  • Click the row containing the user’s information.
  • Click User options the top right.
  • Click Delete user.

Note that if the user signs into your app (and userflow.identify() is called with their user ID) again, they will get recreated in Userflow - but with no history of every having completed any flows.

Deleting/Resetting a single flow/checklist/launcher session

This will delete the history of just a single session. Doing this will e.g. make a flow/checklist eligible to auto-start for the user again (if the flow/checklist has an auto-start condition) and/or make a launcher eligible to be shown again if it was dismissed.

  • Go to the user’s profile page like in the previous section.
  • Click one of the user’s flow sessions.
  • Click Session options in the top right.
  • Click Delete session.

Dismiss a flow for all users

You can dismiss a flow for all users by unpublishing it. You can e.g. use this in cases where you published a flow by mistake or you have an old version of a flow runnning with an error that results in users being stuck (blocking other flows from starting). Publishing a new version of the flow won’t help in that scenario, as users who already started the flow and still have it running, will stay on the old version.

For checklists, launchers, and the resource center, publishing a new version, will bring the users to the latest version even if they have it running.

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