Flow best Practices

With Userflow it is possible to build almost any kind of flow you like to guide users. But not all flows are as engaging as others. Below we share 2 key do’s and don’ts for building engaging flows. Besides from this guide we have also made a more extensive video series with onboarding best practices.

Don’t tell, Drive action

Don’t: Build Next-next-next tours

A common way to use product tours is to build intro flows that explains menu items in your UI. These kind of Next-next-next tours are however not very engaging for your end-users, as they do not engage the user to do actions themselves. Many will therefore just quickly click through these kind of flows or dismiss them.


Do: Build action-based flows that drives towards Aha!

A better way to build onboarding flows is to build action-based flows that drive towards key Aha moments. E.g. as an example, then we at Userflow use our first intro flow to guide the user to build a flow, and see how easy it is.


Be clear and concise in your text

Don’t: Assume that users know what to do

Just because you point a beacon or tooltip to something, it is not always clear to the user that they need to click the item. So don’t assume that they do.


Do: Be clear and concise about actions you want users to take

To make sure the user does an action, make it clear and concise on your flow step. E.g. by making a single action line with the action to take.


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