While Userflow does not support native mobile apps, it does support mobile web apps.

All the Userflow content itself is fully responsive, but if you have a different UI for your desktop version vs. your mobile version you might run into some challenges in having a single flow to cover both.

Separate flows based on device type

If your UI is significantly different between desktop and mobile you can create two separate flows/checklists for desktop vs. mobile and adjust the steps in each flow/checklist to the given UI. See steps below.

  • Step 1: Create two separate flows/checklists, one for mobile and one for desktop
  • Step 2: Have Userflow.js pass an attribute called device_type, which can e.g. be configured like below:
userflow.identify(userId, {
  device_type: window.innerWidth > 800 ? 'desktop' : 'mobile'
  • Step 3: Set each flow/checklist to only start when on the given device type and to be hidden when not on this device type.
  • Step 4: To avoid the duplicate flow starting twice (once for mobile and once for desktop) you can furthermore add a condition to only start the duplicate flow in case the other flow have not been seen.

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