Note: This feature was previously called Groups. See blog post

Companies is a powerful feature that enables you to model multiple users belonging to the same company/organization/account/team in your app. This allows for efficient targeting, personalization and tracking.

Your app may refer to it as organizations, companies, teams, accounts etc. In Userflow we just use the common word, companies, to refer to a group of users who belong to the same entity.

Key benefits of Companies

With Companies, you can easily manage content (flows/checklists/surveys/launchers) based on company attributes, or events performed by any user in a company.

  • Elegantly manage users that belongs to multiple companies in your app. Userflow can understand if a user has different permission roles in two different companies.
  • Control content targeting and completion based on the entire company’s behavior, instead of just a single user.
  • Gain overview of users within a company. You get an aggregated overview of their activities.

Setting up Companies

Setting up Companies is easily done by calling in your Userflow.js installation. Just like with users, you can also pass company and company membership attributes via Userflow.js, Segment, or our API. Read how to set up Companies with Userflow.js

Using Companies

There are many ways to utilize Companies.

Once you have configured Companies, they’ll show up on the Companies page in the sidebar below Users.

Companies tab

Dive further into a company and see its members and attributes.

Company view

Control your auto-start conditions based on company attributes.

Company auto-start condition Company auto-start condition

Control checklist task completion based on any user in the company completing the task.

Company checklist completion

If a user belongs to multiple companies, you can constrain checklists to be tied to a specific company. When the user navigates to a different company in your app, the checklist will be hidden, or another checklist (potentially with different progress) may be shown.

Company checklist constrain

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