Groups is now Companies

We’ve renamed our Groups feature to now be called Companies instead.

The word “group” was originally chosen because it was a broader term than “company”, meaning it could cover both companies, accounts, teams, organizations etc. - whatever term our customers may use to group multiple users belonging to the same entity together. Another reason was that popular tools used the term, too, such as Segment’s JavaScript API.

We’ve come to the conclusion that “groups” is a confusing term, and is often misunderstood as “segments” (which we also have).

To make the distinction crystal clear, Groups is now Companies 🤓

For now, this is solely a terminology rewording, and no actions are required of you. We’ve updated our UI and documentation use the word “company” everywhere possible. Userflow.js has not changed and still uses, just like the REST API has not changed and still uses endpoint URLs such as /groups and group_id for object properties.

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