Userflow is great for announcing new features, company news, upcoming events, updated T&Cs and much more.

We recommend to do announcements either with a 1-step flow or a Launcher. See examples of each below.

Announcement flow

Create a 1-step flow with the announcement and add the follow auto-start rules

  • Signed up/First seen before <announcement date> to avoid the announcement shows up for users who sign up after this date.
  • Add x min after any flow to avoid the announcement starts right after another flow.

You can of course add any additional auto-start conditions to further target the announcement to the right users.

Announcement Flow

Announcement launcher

Create a launcher on a specified page with a beacon, button or icon, and attach it to an element. Make sure to add a Only show Launcher if Signed up/First seen before <announcement date> to avoid that the launcher shows for users who signs up after this date. Feel free to add any other conditions you need to further target the announcement.

Announcement Launcher

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