Add Userflow as a destination in Segment

To make Segment forward user attributes and events from other data sources into Userflow, we’ll set up Userflow as a destination in Segment.

Make sure you’ve set up the Segment integration in Userflow first.

Setup guide

  1. Sign into Userflow and navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Segment. Copy the Webhook URL:

Copy webhook url

  1. Sign into Segment and click Add Destination:

Go to destinations

  1. Search for and click Webhooks:

Find Webhooks

  1. Click Configure Webhooks:

Click Configure Webhooks

  1. Select any sources you want to stream to Userflow. You’ll typically want to have a separate source for your back-end, which you can select here:

Select source

  1. Click Confirm Source:

Click Confirm Source

  1. Click Webhooks:

Click Webhooks

  1. Paste the Webhook URL that you copied from Userflow into the Webhook URL field and click Save:

Add integration

  1. Click the toggle switch to enable the destination:

Add integration

  1. Go back to Userflow, go to the Users tab, and verify that users/events from Segment start showing up.

Adding support for group events

This is only relevant if you have Userflow’s Groups feature enabled.

Segment does not directly associate events with groups. A common workaround is to use an event property to indicate the related group (examples: company_id, workspace_id etc.). Userflow can extract this event property and associate events with the right group in Userflow.

  1. Sign into Userflow and navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Segment. Enter the name of your group event property and click Save:

Group event attribute name

Stopping the integration

Simply flip the toggle switch on the Webhooks Settings page in Segment to OFF.

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