Segment is a data platform that lets you connect data sources with data destinations.

With the Userflow-Segment integration, Userflow can work both as a Segment source and a Segment destination. This way you can get events from Userflow forwarded to other data destinations, and get user attributes and events from other event sources forwarded to Userflow.

Quick note about the Segment integration

Because Segment has been blocking new Web Plugin integrations since late 2019, the Userflow-Segment integration is a bit ad-hoc. It requires you to install Userflow.js separately in your front-end, and use plain HTTP API sources and Webhooks destinations. For that, we’re sorry. If you’re as frustrated about this as we are, please go bother Segment about it and tell them to open up for Userflow :)

Segment sources/destinations and Userflow environments

It’s recommended to use a separate Segment source/destination for each of your environments (Production, Staging etc.). The same is true in Userflow. This is to ensure that e.g. Staging data doesn’t pollute Production data.

A Userflow-Segment integration is between a single Userflow environment and a single Segment source/destination. If you have both a Staging and a Production environment, you therefore have to run the below setup guides for both Production and for Staging.

We strongly recommend that you start with your Staging environment, and verify that it works as you expect, before connecting your Production environment.

We also recommend using a dedicated HTTP API source for Userflow, and to not use the same Segment Write Key for other purposes.

Required User ID match for integration

To match data between users in Segment and Userflow it is a requirement that you use the same user id to identify users in both platforms.

Setup guide

Setup consist of 3 parts:

  1. Set up Segment integration in Userflow
  2. Add Userflow as a source in Segment
  3. Add Userflow as a destination in Segment

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