LogRocket is a session replay, error tracking, and product analytics tool.

The Userflow-LogRocket integration enables you to see Userflow content such as flows, checklist and resource center in LogRocket’s session replay view. Without this integration, Userflow’s content appears as striped-out rectangles.

LogRocket projects and Userflow environments

It’s recommended to use a separate LogRocket project for each of your app’s environments (Production, Staging etc.). The same is true in Userflow. This is to ensure that e.g. Staging data doesn’t pollute Production data.

A Userflow-LogRocket integration is between a single Userflow environment and a single LogRocket project. If you have both a Staging and a Production environment, you therefore have to run the below setup guide for both Production and for Staging.

Setup guide

  1. Sign into Userflow.
  2. Make sure the correct Userflow environment is selected in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings → Integrations.
  4. Click Add integration.
  5. Click LogRocket.
  6. Click Add LogRocket.
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen:

LogRocket installation instructions

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