Heap is a product analytics platform.

The Userflow-Heap integration enables you to analyze how users interact with your flows/checklists, and correlate it to other behavioral analytics that you collect in Heap.

Userflow-generated events, such as Flow Started and Checklist Task Completed, can be continuously streamed into your Heap environment of choice.

You can also sync segments defined in Heap into Userflow segments, so that you can target Userflow content based on behavior captured in Heap.

Heap environments and Userflow environments

It’s recommended to use a separate Heap environment for each of your app’s environments (Production, Staging etc.). The same is true in Userflow. This is to ensure that e.g. Staging data doesn’t pollute Production data.

A Userflow-Heap integration is between a single Userflow environment and a single Heap environment. If you have both a Staging and a Production environment, you therefore have to run the below setup guide for both Production and for Staging.

We strongly recommend that you start with your Staging environment, and verify that it works as you expect, before connecting your Production environment.

Required User ID match for integration

To match data between users in Heap and Userflow it is a requirement that you use the same user id to identify users in both platforms.

Setup guide

  1. Sign into Userflow.
  2. Make sure the correct Userflow environment is selected in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings → Integrations.
  4. Click Add integration.
  5. Click Heap.
  6. Click Add Heap.
  7. Click Connect with Heap.
  8. Choose your desired Heap environment in the top-right of the popup window that opens.
  9. Click Allow.

Your Userflow account and your Heap account are now connected, but nothing will happen just yet. Continue to sync a segment and/or set up event streaming.

Syncing segments from Heap to Userflow

  1. Sign into Heap.
  2. Go to Definitions → Segments.
  3. Choose your segment.
  4. In the right-side panel under Integrations, flip the switch next to Userflow to ON.
  5. The first time you enable segment sync, Heap will ask you how to map users. We recommend using the “Identity” option.
  6. Click Enable Recurring Sync. You can also use the Sync now button for a one-time sync, but that’s usually not very useful with Userflow.
  7. Sign into Userflow.
  8. Go to Users.
  9. Within a few moments, the segment should appear in the segment list on the left with a Heap icon. You may need to reload the page to reload segments.

Streaming events from Userflow to Heap

  1. Sign into Heap.
  2. Make sure the correct Heap environment is chosen in the top-left of the screen.
  3. Copy your Heap App ID. You find it in your browser’s address bar. It’s the <id> part of https://heapanalytics.com/app/env/<id>/....
  4. Sign into Userflow.
  5. Go to Settings → Integrations → Heap.
  6. Paste the App ID that you copied in step 3 into the Heap App ID field.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Flip the Stream events from Userflow to Heap switch to ON. Event streaming will start immediately.
  9. Sign into Heap and go to the Live menu item.
  10. Verify that Userflow events start showing up. To trigger an event, you can, for example, open the resource center, start a flow etc.

Stopping the integration

  1. Find your Heap integration in Userflow under Settings -> Integrations.
  2. Click the three-dot button in the top right.
  3. Click Disconnect.
  4. Event streaming and segment sync will stop immediately.

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