Amplitude is a product analytics platform.

The Userflow-Amplitude integration enables you to analyze how users interact with your flows/checklists, and correlate it to other behavioral analytics that you collect in Amplitude.

Userflow-generated events, such as Flow Started and Checklist Task Completed, can be continuously streamed into your Amplitude project of choice.

Amplitude projects and Userflow environments

It’s recommended to use a separate Amplitude project for each of your environments (Production, Staging etc.). The same is true in Userflow. This is to ensure that e.g. Staging data doesn’t pollute Production data.

A Userflow-Amplitude integration is between a single Userflow environment and a single Amplitude project. If you have both a Staging and a Production environment, you therefore have to run the below setup guide for both Production and for Staging.

We strongly recommend that you start with your Staging environment/project, and verify that it works as you expect, before connecting your Production environment/project.

Setup guide

  1. Sign into Amplitude and navigate to Settings.

Go to settings

  1. Then navigate to Projects.

Go to projects

  1. Select the project you want to stream Userflow events to:

Go to project

  1. Copy the Api Key:

Copy API Key

  1. Sign into Userflow and navigate to the environment you want to stream Userflow events from:

Go to environment

  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations. Then click Add integration:

Add integration

  1. Find and click Amplitude in the list:

Find Amplitude

  1. Click Add Amplitude (activate/upgrade your plan if you don’t yet have access):

Add Amplitude

  1. Paste the API Key that you copied from Amplitude in step 4 into the Amplitude API Key field and click Save:

Paste API Key

  1. Click the Stream events from Userflow to Amplitude switch and confirm in the dialog that appears:

Enable event streaming

  1. Event streaming will start immediately:


  1. Go to Amplitude and navigate to User Look-Up from the main menu:

Go to User Look-Up

  1. Make sure that the right project is selected in the top. Then verify that Userflow events start showing up. It may take a minute for Amplitude to show them:

Amplitude event

Stopping the integration

  1. Find your Amplitude integration in Userflow under Settings -> Integrations.
  2. If the Stream events from Userflow to Amplitude switch is gray, then it’s already stopped. If it’s green, then it’s currently running.
  3. Click the Stream events from Userflow to Amplitude switch and confirm in the dialog that appears.
  4. Event streaming will stop immediately.

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