Version history

The new Version history tab makes collaborating on flows even better than before!

Version history

Here, you can see:

  • Version history lists all your previous versions. Userflow automatically creates new versions periodically, when you publish, or if multiple users edit the same flow.
  • Environment overview displays the status of each environment, i.e. which version is currently published.
  • Publish history shows a log of when flows were published and by who.

If you click the three-dot icon next to a version, you can:

Version options
  • View its content as it were in the Builder in read-only mode.
  • Compare 2 versions, which lets you inspect changes between 2 versions.
  • Publish it, for example, to revert to a previous version.
  • Restore it in case you want to undo some changes you’ve made.

If you click the three-dot icon next to an environment, you can:

Environment options
  • Publish the latest version if the flow has not been published yet, or there are pending changes.
  • Unpublish, which is useful if you temporarily want to prevent the flow from starting.

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