Userflow is now a public app on Zapier


Userflow the best no-code builder for building in-app user onboarding, has been integrated with Zapier for more than a year, and we are happy to announce that we just moved from beta, to being a public app.

The Userflow-Zapier Integration enables you to instantly connect Userflow with 5,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

Example use cases

  • Pass survey/NPS responses made in Userflow to other tools. E.g. post it on your CRM timeline, or post it in a shared Slack channel.
  • Pass events, such as when flows are completed, to other providers, such as your marketing/email automation tools.
  • Trigger workflows in a CRM/Customer Success Platform based on Userflow events or vice versa.
  • Update user details in Userflow, when the user’s info changes in another system such as your CRM.

More information

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