Resource Center: Always-on, contextual and personalized help widget

Our biggest release this year (so far!), Resource Center, will be the main way your users access help directly in your app.

The Resource Center is a help button that’s always available in the corner of the page:

Collapsed Resource Center

When clicked, it expands, showing a list of customizable blocks that let users search your existing knowledge base, find and start flows/tours on demand, and see contextual (e.g. tied to a page) or personalized (e.g. based on user type) links and other information.

Expanded Resource Center

It seamlessly integrates with your live-chat provider so that users can start conversations using the chat icon in the customizable Contact block, which can also contain information about emailing and calling you.

If the user has an active checklist, it’s even integrated into the Resource Center.

Finally, the Resource Center has a global search function, which lets users search through all blocks, showing results from both your flows and your knowledge base.

Resource Center theming

With our new base color theming options, getting a great-looking Resource Center that looks like a native part of your app is super easy:

Resource Center theming

Here’s a full video walkthrough of the Resource Center:

We’re excited to see what you’ll build with Resource Center! To build your own, go to Resource centers, click Create resource center. Resource Center is available in all Userflow plans.

For more information, Read more in our Resource Center guide

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