AI Assistant-powered knowledge base search

If you’re using our AI Assistant, you can now utilize its sources for searching in your resource center’s knowledge base block.

It works like this:

  1. The assistant already crawls your website/knowledge base and indexes all the text.
  2. When users search in your resource center’s knowledge base block, it finds related documents from the assistant and lists them as search results.
  3. It uses semantic search, which in many cases is better than simple keyword-based search. It means that the AI can tell whether texts are referring to the same topics, even if you use slightly different words.

This is a good alternative to the default Google search option, since you get full control over what content to include and when to retrain/reindex. It may also provide better search results than your own knowledge base provider offers.

Searching via the assistant is a free service (only AI Assistant messages is a paid feature).

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