Upgraded Users page

We recently set out to build the best UI on the Internet to browse user/company profiles.

This initiative resulted in a large upgrade to our Users page, which now let you filter based on any attribute, sort on any attribute, select which columns to display, and save it all in reusable segments.


Let’s dig into it.

On the left side of the new Users page, you’ll see a few default segments. You can easily create your own segments by changing the filter, the attribute to sort by, and which columns to display. A Save segment button will appear, which lets you update an existing segment or save as a new one.

Use the column icon in the top-right to select which columns to display.

Users columns

You can quickly do a free text search, which will search through name, email, ID and - as a new thing - it can even find users where their associated group name matches.

Users free text search

If you want to get more detailed, click Add filter to search based on specific user attributes. This works just like when you add Attribute conditions in the flow builder. You can even find users based on their group or group membership attributes.

Users filter condition

Notice how the list can also display group and group membership columns. You can even sort by these columns.

If a user belongs to more than 1 group, the filter makes sure to only display groups that match this filter, too.

You can click the and x others text to expand and see all groups the user is a member of.

Users expanded groups

The pagination experience has been improved with infinite scroll - no more “Load more” buttons. If you choose to display many columns, the table scrolls horizontally as well.

Our Groups page has been upgraded as well. It now has its own top menu item.

Finally, the Users and Groups pages are now URL-friendly. Your filter/sort/column/segment choices are stored in the URL, so if you reload the page or share the URL with a team member, the exact same content will be shown.

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