Small language change

Our new Localization feature is landing soon!

The current way of dealing with multi-lingual apps in Userflow is to manage separate flows/checklists for each language, which is pretty tedious.

With Localization, you’ll be able to build a flow/checklist once, and then translate just the text parts to different languages. This will greatly improve the workflow for multi-lingual apps.

To prepare for Localization, we’ve made a small change around how you use languages in Userflow.

Previously, languages were tied to themes.

As of today, you now select a locale, representing both a user’s language and region, directly on each flow/checklist. See under the “Show advanced settings” button.

You can manage your locales under Settings -> Localization. All existing flows/checklists have been assigned a locale matching their theme’s old language.

We can’t wait to show you Localization very soon! Write us if you’re interested in getting early access.

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