Userflow joins forces with Beamer

We have some very exciting news. As announced in a press release today, Userflow has joined forces with Beamer to create an all-in-one growth toolkit.

Since Userflow was founded in 2019 we have been hard at work, bringing the best no-code onboarding product to the market. We have built a great product, with in-app onboarding flows, launchers, hotspots, checklists, resource centers, surveys, AI assistants, and more, that not only allows our customers to onboard and convert new users, but also retain existing users.

We are proud to have bootstrapped the company this far. Today we serve 700+ forward-thinking customers in improving their in-app experience. We want to thank all of you for being the best customers a growing company could ask for, always providing great feedback that has pushed the product further.

With the merger with Beamer, we know we can build an even stronger product toolkit that can supercharge product-led growth, boost user engagement and increase product adoption for our customers.

About Beamer

Beamer is a leading platform for customers looking to build better products and improve user engagement. The company's Changelog, NPS, and Feedback products serve as intuitive tools that facilitate better communication and feedback between businesses and their end-users, ultimately helping to increase user engagement, drive product adoption and reduce churn.

Similar to Userflow, Beamer has bootstrapped using Product-led Growth as a key lever for their success.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

We will continue to serve our customers with the best no-code tool in the market and over time we will bring even more value based on the combined strength of Beamer and Userflow. We have lots of great ideas on what we can deliver together. Stay tuned!

For more details, see the Q&A below.


— Sebastian and Esben, founders of Userflow


How will this merger affect me as a customer?

This will not affect Userflow’s current product experience. You can keep using Userflow the same way you are today.

Is Userflow going away?

No, we will continue to deliver the best no-code onboarding tool in the market. But by joining forces with Beamer we believe we can build a much stronger product toolkit.

I’m interested in trying Beamer - how can I access it?

Go to to sign up for a free trial or book a personal demo session here.

Can I buy the products together?

We are working on a consolidated purchasing process. For now you can purchase the products separately.

Can I use the products together?

Yes! Beamer and Userflow can be used together today - in fact there are already over 200 companies that use both products. Reach out to for more details.

Will you integrate the two products together?

We are working on a plan to deliver a consolidated toolkit to help companies drive product engagement and adoption. Stay tuned for details.

What does this mean for the Userflow product roadmap?

For now we will continue with the improvements we were already working on. In the future we will be providing more updates on the roadmap for the consolidated toolkit and we will of course continue to listen to customer feedback (both old and new).

How can I learn more?

Read the full press release here.

We will be providing more info on the consolidated toolkit in the near future.

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