New rich content formatting options

We’ve added some new formatting options to our rich content editor, so you can make your content stand out even more than before.

All formats

The new formatting options include:

  • Headings (Heading 1, Heading 2)
  • Lists (both bulleted and numbered)
  • Quotes
  • Code blocks
  • Inline text formatting: Inline code, underline, strike-through
  • Text color

Find the new options in the toolbar. Hover over each icon to see its keyboard shortcut. Some formatting is automatically applied, such as when you start a line with - (a dash and a space), you get a bulleted list, or 1. to get a numbered list.

We also have a nyfty new color picker, which you’ll also find in the theme designer now:

Color picker

The color picker remembers all colors you’ve previously used. You can enter your own color codes, or you can get a quickstart using the color palette from Material Design.

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