The Userflow REST API is now live

I’m excited to announce the availability of our new public REST API. With the REST API, you can integrate your back-end with Userflow and pass attributes or events to Userflow. This is useful for 3 reasons:

  • Some attributes/events are only available on the back-end. E.g. if a back-end job updates a user’s status, which Userflow.js on the front-end will never know about.
  • Some attributes/events are sensitive and you may not want to expose the info on the front-end.
  • To import historic attributes/events.

The API is based on REST, and should look very familiar if you’ve ever worked with APIs such as e.g. Stripe.

With the API, you can:

  • Create/update users and their attributes
  • Get/list users
  • Track events
  • We’ll add more resources as needed

To access the API, you’ll need an API key, which you can obtain by signing into Userflow and navigating to Settings -> API.

Read the API reference

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