Faster and smaller Userflow.js

TL;DR: Userflow.js page load impact lowered by 40%. Closest comparable solution’s JavaScript footprint is 8x larger/slower than Userflow.js. Upgrade your userflow.js installation to take full advantage.

At Userflow we CARE about performance. In my past career, I’ve optimized the page load time of numerous web apps. I’d hate for Userflow to be a contributing factor in making our customers’ apps slow.

When you include any third-party JavaScript in your app (such as Userflow.js), it has an impact on your page load time. The browser has to download, parse and evaluate all this JavaScript. The more, the slower your web app becomes.

Userflow.js was already incredibly light-weight, but our latest update takes performance to the next level. Userflow.js now ships 2 separate builds:

  1. A fast and small build for modern browsers (>90% of average global users). By taking advantage of modern browser features, we can ship a smaller amount of JavaScript that runs more efficiently. Our modern build is just 15.3 kB (52.2 kB uncompressed), which is around 40% less than before. The closest (JavaScript-size-wise) comparable solution ships 8x as much JavaScript, while other provider ships 23x as much.
  2. A legacy build for older browsers. This allows us to support older browsers, without hurting performance in modern browsers. We’re even pretty close to supporting IE11 (full support coming soon!).

Your Userflow.js installation will automatically load the best build for each user’s browser.

Here’s a comparison between Userflow and 4 other providers, showing how much smaller Userflow.js is. Remember that less JavaScript = faster page load time.

JS footprint

We recommend asking your developers to upgrade your Userflow.js installation:

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