Manual segments & CSV upload

You can now manually add/remove specific users/groups to our new manual segments. This allows you to easily target specific users in your Userflow content. Example use cases:

  • Manually maintain a list of beta users.
  • Import (via CSV upload) a segment of users from another tool, such as your CRM.

To add a new manual segment, simply click the + New button on the Users or Groups pages.

Create manual segment

You can add/remove users to/from segments by selecting them with the new checkboxes. Side note: You can now also easily delete users directly from the list.

Adding/removing users to/from segment

You can click Add/remove users via CSV to upload a CSV file with user IDs or emails to add/remove to/from your segment.

Upload list of users

Manual segments can be used in Segment conditions in e.g. auto-start conditions:

Auto-start condition with manual segment

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