Filter event conditions by attributes

Here’s a new 😋 feature, which gives you an even more powerful way to target users or adapt to their behavior.

Event conditions can already be used in Auto-start conditions for flows, Completed conditions for tasks etc. Example: Start a flow when a user changes their subscription plan.

When your app tracks an event, it may add additional information about the event in the form of event attributes. Here’s an example of when a user changes their subscription plan, and we want to know which plan they change to:

userflow.track('subscription_plan_changed', {plan_id: 'pro'})

The new thing: Event conditions now support filtering based on these event attributes. Example: Start a flow when a user changes to the Pro subscription plan specifically.

Event condition where

Notice the new “Where Plan Id is pro” part.

Just like with regular user attribute conditions, you can add multiple event attribute conditions. The attributes can be strings, which you can compare with equality (is/is not) or whether they contain a substring. They can also be integers, which you can use to compare using equality, less than, greater than, etc. Date and boolean event attributes work, too!

You can even use this with Userflow-generated events, such as Flow Started, to e.g. start one flow 7 days after a user completes another flow:

Event condition where

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