Custom events

You can now track any kind of user-related event with Userflow, and use those events to segment and personalize your flows.

Events are easily tracked directly from your webapp using Userflow.js’ new userflow.track method. Example:

userflow.track('subscription_plan_changed', {
  new_plan: 'plus',
  new_price: 279

The event will be associated with the currently identified user. You can optionally add attributes about the event (such as the new plan name in the example above).

Events are great to represent actions that users can take any number of times, which don’t fit well into regular user attributes. Some more examples of events:

  • Bill Uploaded
  • Project Created
  • Coworker Invited
  • Payment Details Changed

We’ve added a new Event condition type, which shows up under the Add condition menu, e.g. for conditions to mark checklist tasks as completed, or automatically starting flows.

Here we mark a checklist task as completed if the user has ever created a project:

Completion condition

Here we automatically start a flow for users who have not created any projects within the last 30 days:

Start condition

We’ll be adding a several further improvements to events soon:

  • Ability to filter on event attributes in the conditions
  • Group-related events (for events belonging to e.g. a company in your system)
  • More analytics about events inside Userflow

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