Content organization, filters and labels

The Flows page (now called Content) has gotten a major overhaul to make it easier to organize your flows.


A highly requested feature is the ability to group content based on topics such as user type, life-cycle stage or language. A few Userflow customers already have more than 100 flows!

You can now add your own labels, using the Manage labels button the new filter bar:

Content page

You can see and edit an item’s labels by hovering over or clicking the labels area on the right side of each row:

Label popover

More filters

The new Content page also lets you filter by content type (Flow or Checklist) and whether the items are published, not published or has pending changes. Soon there will also be a built-in Language filter here.

“Flows” -> “Content”

Previously, it was a little confusing that we referred to “Checklists” as “Flows”, too. Going forward, the collective term is “Content”, and under that you have “Flows” and “Checklists”. This makes room for future content types such as “Hotspots” and much more.

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