Minor changes around checklists

To prepare for our upcoming Resource Center feature, we’ve made a few minor changes around how checklists work and how they play together with flows.

In general, these changes try to make Userflow’s components less “in the face” of users, and avoids resurfacing content unexpectedly.

  • The checklist expanded/collapsed state is now only remembered across page loads in the same browser tab. If you have 2 browser tabs open and expand the checklist in one of them, it doesn’t change the state in the other tab (it did before). If you expand the checklist, close your browser tab, navigate back to the same page in a new tab, then the checklist will be collapsed (before it would remember server-side that the checklist was expanded). The checklist still auto-expands when a task is newly completed.
  • The checklist now collapses (and stays collapsed) when a task with a Start flow action is clicked. Before, the checklist would auto-expand once the flow ended.
  • If a flow is active and you click the checklist launcher, the flow stays visible and the checklist is simply shown on top of the flow. Before, the flow would be temporarily hidden while the checklist was expanded, and be shown again once the checklist was collapsed later.
  • A Start flow action now always dismisses the currently active flow, even if the action lives in a checklist task. Before, we’d only dismiss the current flow when Start flow actions were in another flow. The consequence now is that if you have Flow1 active, you expand the checklist, click a task that starts Flow2, then Flow1 is immediately dismissed and Flow2 is shown, and once Flow2 ends Flow1 does not reappear (before it would reappear).

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