Announcements: A straightforward way to keep users informed

In our latest update, we’re excited to unveil a feature that’s been high on your wishlist: Userflow Announcements.

At Userflow, our mission is to enhance user communication and engagement. With the introduction of Announcements, we’re taking a significant step forward in this journey.

Announcements offers a straightforward and effective method for sharing updates directly within your app’s resource center. Picture it as a modern, digital bulletin board where you can effortlessly display information about new features, improvements, or any other news that matters to your users.


Key features

  • Notification badge: An unread counter, displayed directly on your resource center launcher, indicating if there are unread announcements.
  • Notification levels: Choose how to notify users: silently, with a notifiation badge, or with a popout.
  • Scheduling: Post announcements immediately or schedule them for later.
  • User segmentation: Send announcements to specific user segments.
  • Automatic tracking: Know which users have seen your announcements.

How to use Announcements

You can start using Announcements in just a few clicks. Publish your announcements, and add the new Announcements block to your resource center.

Read more in our Announcements guide

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