Columns, containers and custom CSS

Today we’re shipping a huge round of updates to our rich content editor.

You can now lay out content in columns, put content inside styled containers, put buttons and questions anywhere (not just in the bottom) and even add custom CSS for when you really need to tweak your style.


Let’s dig in!

Columns are for putting content side-by-side. Containers are for wrapping content with e.g. a border, background color or box-shadow. You can insert columns or containers in the editor via the + menu:


When you put the cursor inside a column/container, a small cog icon appears in its top-right corner:


Click it to access settings such as container style, width, height and alignment:


We ship with 5 built-in container styles:


On the Pro plan, you can also add your own custom container styles powered by CSS. In the theme designer, look for the new Custom CSS section. Here you can write CSS such as this:


Last but not least: Previously, you could only put buttons and questions at the bottom of the content. There was no way to add content below buttons or split buttons into 2 groups. That’s all possible now. Buttons and questions are simply part of the content now:


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