Lou alternative

Userflow is the fastest flow builder on the market.

But alternatives do exist. How does Userflow stack up against Lou?


Why Userflow is better

  • Better UX - Kanban builder with advanced element selection and triggers.
  • Advanced content targeting - More than just user attributes and urls.
  • Sophisticated localization, environment and version control.
  • Advanced Resource center - On-demand self help widget.
  • Launchers - Add buttons and icons in your app that can trigger flows.
  • Banners - Announce news, features, downtime and events.
  • Group users by companies/orgs and target based on company-level attributes and events.
  • Ability to branch flows (choose your own adventure).
  • Overview of users and their activity
  • Advanced theming capabilities including better look and feel.
  • No-code event tracking
  • AI assistant - Automated answers to your users’ questions within your app.

Full feature comparison

Userflow Lou
$$$ $
Resource Center (Self-help widget)
Surveys/NPS - Stand-alone
Surveys/NPS - Embedded in Flows
Banners - Top or bottom
Banners - Embedded
Builder UX
Point-and-click element selection
End-to-End Overview
Keyboard shortcuts
Resource Center (Self-help widget)
Find and start flows on demand
Embedded checklist
Live-chat integration
Knowledge base search
Contextual/personalized blocks
Custom action blocks
Announcements/Release log
AI Assistant
Environments and Version Control
User data isolated between environments
Publish content to individual environments
Version Control and History
Custom Theming
Basic styling
Advanced theme editor
Dynamic theme variations
Users and Tracking
User profiles with activity feed
Custom user attributes
Custom events
Company profiles and events
Content Analytics
A/B test segments
Alerting (Errors/performance)
Logic-based flows
Basic auto-start conditions
Advanced auto-start conditions (e.g. Element based)
"If this, then that" rules within flows
Branch flows based on conditions
Snooze flows
Multi-language - Ability to translate without duplicating content
Update translated flow without unpublishing/duplicating
Translate images/videos
Right-to-Left (RTL) support
Technology Support
Shadow DOM
Electron apps
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Mixpanel integration
One-way only
Segment integration
Amplitude integration
One-way only
Heap integration
One-way only
Zapier integration
HubSpot integration
Salesforce integration
No-code event tracking
Point-and-click element selection
Multi-condition tracking
Detect element presence
Privacy- and security-friendly
Support & service
Live-chat and email support
Concierge support

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