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StreamSets Case Study

How StreamSets use Userflow for digital adoption of their product

Jonathan Brink
User Experience Lead

Looked for a modern digital adoption platform

Jonathan Brink and StreamSets had been using one of the older digital adoption tools for product tours and onboarding but found it expensive, as well as complex and hard to work with. Therefore they were looking for a modern alternative.

“We had been using an older digital adoption tool, but it was really expensive, and it wasn't easy to use.”

- Jonathan Brink, StreamSets

Found Userflow and was amazed by the UX

They evaluated different products in the market and were pleasantly surprised when they found Userflow.

“We tried out Userflow, and what really caught our attention was how easy it was to build everything. So much was put into the UX that made it really simple to understand and use.”

- Jonathan Brink, StreamSets

They especially liked Userflows modern UI/UX and the ability to build robust onboarding flows and product tours through a simple to use yet powerful builder.

“Userflow begins with simplicity. The product is really easy to understand and use. The onboarding flows are robust without being too complicated”

- Jonathan Brink, StreamSets

Support for the more sophisticated use cases

While Jonathan and the team found Userflow easy to use, they did need support on some of their more sophisticated use cases. Userflow offered the support they needed to do this.

“The best part of Userflow is the customer service. The team is really friendly and is always looking to help us figure out a complex flow that we are stuck on. They respond quickly and usually have an answer immediately. This is huge when working on a problem. We don't have to wait days for a response.””

- Jonathan Brink, StreamSets

Surveys and No-code event tracking to help analyze user data

Besides having a solid builder for product tours and onboarding flows. StreamSets loved that Userflow also offered StreamSets the capability to do surveys, and no-code event tracking and thereby analyze their users’ behaviour outside of flows.

“After we deployed Userflows onboarding tours, they also added No-code event Tracking, which has been huge for our telemetry efforts.”

- Jonathan Brink, Userflow

3x-4x more affordable than building it themselves.

After deploying Userflows onboarding tours and surveys, they immediately saw the positive effect for their customers.

“Userflow has helped our customers by providing simple adoption tools for onboarding, messaging, tracking, and more.”

- Jonathan Brink, StreamSets

While the older tool that StreamSets used was expensive and complex, resulting in extra effort needed for StreamSets employees, the Userflow pricing was just right. The ease of use reduced the effort required from employees to build and manage the flows, surveys, and tracking.

“We use all of the tools in the platform: surveys, onboarding flows, tracking and analytics. We would have spent 3-4x the cost to build our own system.”

- Jonathan Brink, StreamSets

Given the robust feature set, UX, and support, Jonathan and the StreamSets team are very happy with their decision to use Userflow.

“We are really pleased with the product and continue to use it daily.”

- Jonathan Brink, StreamSets

The challenges

  • Allowing customers to better self-serve
  • Finding a modern digital adoption tool
  • Getting a better ROI than building the functionality themselves

Why they chose Userflow

  • User-friendly and advanced flow builder.
  • Amazing support.

The results

  • Customers can better self-serve.
  • Onboarding flows were built quickly without compromising quality.
  • 3x-4x more affordable than building the functionality themselves.

About StreamSets

StreamSets’ mission is to make data engineering teams wildly successful. StreamSets offers a platform dedicated to building smart data pipelines to power DataOps across hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

That’s why the largest companies in the world trust StreamSets to power millions of data pipelines for modern business intelligence, data science, and AI/ML. With StreamSets, data engineers spend less time fixing and more time doing.

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