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How no-code platform Stacker gives the best first-time experience with Userflow

Peter Juten

Making users successful in their first session

Stacker lets people build custom software without code. One of the challenges new app makers often face is choosing where to start. Therefore Peter Juten and the Stacker growth team started looking for an onboarding solution to help with precisely this.

“We were looking for an easy way to teach app makers the basics of our app editor to make them more successful in their first session.”

- Peter Juten, Stacker

The objective was primarily to accelerate the journey to the “Aha moment” and improve feature discovery. They decided the best solution for this would be product tours, and started looking for providers.

“Empowering app makers with the knowledge to build the custom software they crave is key to our success. Guided tours allow us to significantly reduce the time it takes for our app makers to realize, ‘yes, I can do this!”

- Peter Juten, Stacker

Decided on Userflows “Magic building experience”

Peter and Stacker looked at many different onboarding and product tour solutions. But ultimately found Userflow to be the best in the category, primarily due to the amazing UX of the flow builder.

“Userflow has managed to build a magic building experience AND end-user experience. We loved how easy it was to get new team members involved in the building process and how effortless it was to build engaging tours.”

- Peter Juten, Stacker

Demo of the Stacker Userflow implementation

Watch this video where Userflow co-founder Esben Friis-Jensen highlights how Stacker uses Userflow for their onboarding experience.

Environment control allows Stacker to Iterate

Besides the UX, Peter and Stacker also loved the sophistication of Userflows builder. Especially the advanced version and environment control that allows them to iterate on the flows in staging while having a previous version live in the production environment.

“The staging environment lets us feel confident that our tours work with new feature releases and gives us a safe space to iterate.”

- Peter Juten, Stacker

Furthermore, the version control allows them to compare and restore older versions and keep track of what has been published to which environment. This makes it easier for the team to work collaboratively on the flows.

High quality support

While Stacker found Userflow to be a fantastic product, they still had questions about sophisticated use cases, and were amazed by the quality support they received.

“The responsiveness of the Userflow team is unparalleled.”

- Peter Juten, Stacker

Instant improvement on first-time experience

Stacker immediately saw how their Userflow created flows improved the first session experience for their end-users.

“We’ve seen a significant improvement in first-session success. This means more people are developing confidence that they can build custom software themselves without the help of developers.”

- Peter Juten, Stacker

Over time they will be using Userflow to further improve metrics such as:

  • Engagement -> % of signups who started a tour
  • Completion -> % of signups who completed a key tour
  • Retention -> % of signups who returned after completing a tour
  • 4. Conversion -> % of signups who subscribed after completing a tour

All of this is tracked easily via Userflow’s built-in analytics function, with graphs as well as detailed user-specific information.

“We’ve seen a significant improvement in first-session success. This means more people are developing confidence that they can build custom software themselves without the help of developers.”

- Peter Juten, Stacker

The challenges

  • Accelerate journey to "Aha" moment.
  • Improve feature discovery.
  • Finding a no-code onboarding solution.

Why they chose Userflow

  • User-friendly and advanced flow builder.
  • Advanced environment and version control.
  • Amazing support.

The results

  • Significant improvement of first-time user experience.
  • Ability to quickly iterate and improve the onboarding.

About Stacker

Stacker is a no-code platform that lets you create the digital tools you need to engage your customers, partners, and company. All powered by the data in your Airtable or Google Sheets. Their mission is to give everybody the ability to create software, whether or not they can write code.

London, UK

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