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PurelyHR Case Study

How PurelyHR powered up their onboarding with Userflow

Jeremie Doiron
User Experience & Interaction Design Lead

Looking to better onboard customers

Jeremie Doiron, User Experience & Interaction Design lead at PurelyHR was looking for a better way to convert their free trials as well as to onboard customers who had already purchased their product. Initially, they tried to build checklists and guides themselves., They quickly discovered how difficult it is to make a nice, user-friendly experience, and even more difficult to maintain. Developers always had higher priority features to work on and small text/guide iterations were not a top priority. They were seeing a high percentage of lead drop-offs before having the chance to guide them through the set-up process.

Evaluated 8 different providers and chose Userflow

Jeremie knew that they needed to do something else, and therefore he decided to look for 3rd party tools to solve the problem. He looked at 8 different providers, but most of them were hard to use or were not able to build guides and checklists that looked nice inside the PurelyHR application. After an exhaustive review, Jeremie finally found Userflow and was amazed from day 1.

Userflow makes it easy to do the hard things

Jeremie instantly could see that Userflow was better. First of all, it had the best UX, making it easy to use, while still offering advanced functionality. One of the capabilities that Jeremie liked a lot was the ability to change the look and feel of the guides to look like something that was an integrated part of PurelyHR. He could do this without using a single line of code or involving developers.

"Userflow allows me to customize the tooltips and checklists to fit perfectly within our application. It also makes it possible to iterate on our onboarding flows without involving engineers."

- Jeremy Doiron, PurelyHR

Brilliant Results and a partner for the future

With Userflow in place, Jeremie and PurelyHR have been able to create a more ideal onboarding experience for new users while greatly reducing initial churn. Jeremie also likes the agility of Userflow and the speed at which new quality features like analytics, Launchers, etc. are added and sees Userflow as a partner they can continue with for many years.

The challenges

  • Onboarding leads and customers better.
  • Reducing lead drop-off to convert more trials.
  • Finding a solution that could be managed by non-developers and yet support advanced theming and scenarios.

Why they chose Userflow

  • User-friendly and advanced flow builder.
  • Onboarding checklists.
  • Advanced theming possibilities.

The results

  • Better onboarding.
  • Reduced lead drop-off.
  • A partnership for the future.

About PurelyHR

PurelyHR is a whole suite of helpful HR tools, including time-tracking, employee data management, infraction tracking, and performance management. Their goal is to give small and mid-sized businesses more time, more transparency, and the right tools to simplify HR processes—regardless if you're an HR department of many or a multi-tasking department of one.

New Brunswick, Canada


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