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How Make onboards and activate users at scale with Userflow

Matouš Vrba
Growth Specialist

Wanted to improve user onboarding and activation

As Make scaled to 500,000+ customers, Matouš Vrba, Growth Specialist, and the team was looking for a better way to onboard and activate their users to ensure conversion and retention.

They did a lot of research into the onboarding and digital adoption market and found Userflow to be the best solution for their challenge.

“There are several steps needed to achieve value inside our product, so our plan was to use Userflow to welcome new users and guide them in the process of building their first automated workflow while also learning the tool and terminology. ”

- Matouš Vrba, Growth Specialist

Demo of the Make Userflow implementation

Watch this video where Userflow co-founder Esben Friis-Jensen highlights how Make implemented Userflow for their onboarding.

“New users on Make see a welcome message that reiterates the value proposition along with the high-level steps needed to get value out of our product, allowing users to visualize the next steps. Then we use a checklist to guide users through the basic steps - each checklist step has a dedicated flow that explains a bit more and guides the user towards success. After that, users can use the Resource Center to find help articles or videos, contact our support team or launch in-app content on demand.”

- Matouš Vrba, Growth Specialist

Easy to use, intuitive and powerful when needed

Matouš Vrba and his team wanted a tool that was easy to use for non-developers while still having the advanced capabilities needed to give their users a great experience and make it look like an integrated part of the Make application. They found that Userflow fulfilled all of these requirements and much more.

“The core of Userflow is very easy to use, intuitive. Building a flow is just so fun! At the same time, you can use all the powerful features and combine user activity and user properties to create very precise targeting for your in-app content. All of that with your brand, colors, fonts.”

- Matouš Vrba, Growth Specialist

Kept bringing new value and scaled with their needs

As Make started using Userflow more, they dived into more sophisticated use cases, and Userflow was more than powerful enough to handle this. Userflow also kept launching new features that brought even more value, such as the resource center, advanced analytics, and no-code event tracking.

Userflows new Resource Center is a great way to serve on-demand content. Userflow also has great analytics, so you can exactly see how users are interacting with your in-app content and see the impact of any changes you make. Creating user segments is also very useful and so is the no-code tracking - this is an excellent way to detect some very specific user behavior.”

- Matouš Vrba, Growth Specialist

Strong activation results and reduced need for development work

Matouš Vrba and Make were looking to better onboard and activate users. They were specifically tracking things like New user activation (how many new users are able to build an automated workflow and experience the value proposition in action) and conversion to paid plans. Both of these metrics were strongly improved using Userflow in-app onboarding. All without having to involve developers.

“Userflow has improved new user onboarding, allowing more people to find value in our product. In addition, we can quickly create in-app announcements or any kind of messaging without having to ask developers for help.”

- Matouš Vrba, Growth Specialist

The challenges

  • Showing the full product value to customers
  • Onboard and activate users
  • Finding a robust solution that could be managed by non-developers and yet support advanced customization.

Why they chose Userflow

  • User-friendly and advanced flow builder
  • Precise targeting of users
  • Add-on features like no-code event tracking

The results

  • Improved conversion rate
  • Improved user activation rate
  • A no-code tool that scales with their needs

About Make

Make (formerly known as Integromat) is the leading visual platform for anyone to design, build, and automate anything - from tasks and workflows to apps and systems - without coding. Make enables individuals, teams, and enterprises across all verticals to create powerful custom solutions that scale their businesses faster than ever. Make powers over 500,000+ organizations around the globe.

Prague, Czech Republic


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