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Indicative Case Study

How Indicative drives product-led growth with Userflow

Jeremy Levy

Building a product-led growth setup

Jeremy Levy, CEO, and the Indicative team were on a journey to drive product-led onboarding and trial conversion.

“Indicative has a lot of fantastic capabilities, so even though it is easy to use, it does require some guidance to show users the full value of the product.”

- Jeremy Levy, Indicative

As an analytics platform need data inputs, they had built a demo experience with dummy data to quickly highlight the value of their analytics queries in a true product-led growth fashion. They were now looking for an in-app onboarding tool to help guide the user to run different kinds of queries and see the speed and flexibility of Indicative.

They initially built onboarding guides with one of Userflow’s competitors. But, they had difficulty setting up great guides and ran into robustness issues where the flows would crash. Furthermore, they did not find the flows cosmetically appealing and a good fit for their product, which has a clean UI/UX.

Demo of the Indicative Userflow implementation

Watch this video where Userflow co-founder Esben Friis-Jensen highlights how Indicative uses Userflow for their demo experience.

Userflow was immediately a great fit

After struggling with the onboarding solution for a while, they started looking for alternative solutions and found Userflow. They signed up for a trial and immediately saw the value.

“We could not be happier with Userflow. The competing product was hard to use and not robust. With Userflow we set up robust and great looking onboarding guides in 3 days - it has never been easier.”

- Jeremy Levy, Indicative

Jeremy and the team loved the UX and UI of Userflow. It was easy to use, robust, cosmetically better looking and had more powerful features than the competition.

Advanced Element selection, analytics and themes

The ability to select elements automatically and manually gave the Indicative team a lot of flexibility. The embedded flow analytics allowed them to quickly discover issues in the onboarding, which they could then quickly fix.

The robust theme editor giving the ability to customize the look and feel of the content and the advanced flow step triggers made it feel like a truly integrated part of the Indicative product. Which was exactly what they were looking for.

Strong results from the start

Immediately after having launched Userflow as a replacement for the competing product, they saw an increase in flow completion.

“We immediately saw a 15% increase in the engagement with flows and thereby the demo, and we expect this number to increase.”

- Jeremy Levy, Indicative

Besides the higher engagement rate, the flows were also running smoothly without errors.

Over time, Indicative sees Userflow as a strategic part of their product to drive conversion and adoption, to reduce the time-to-value. Furthermore, they plan to use the Userflow data to correlate with other analytics they can collect in Indicative to better understand how the onboarding can be further improved to drive higher conversion rates.

Replaced survey provider

In addition to using Userflow to better guide users through their product-led demo, Indicative also loved Userflows survey functionality, which again was more flexible and more cosmetically pleasing than the otherwise popular survey vendor they were using.

“We loved the look and feel of Userflow’s surveys and they were as easy to set up like everything else in Userflow.”

- Jeremy Levy, Indicative

Another feature they found valuable in Userflow was the Launchers that allow them to highlight new or unused features to a specific segment of their users with a beacon and tooltip.

“We want to drive adoption of the amazing new features we are building, and Userflow’s launchers are great for this. I highly recommend it to any product-led SaaS business that wants to improve its conversion and retention.”

- Jeremy Levy, Indicative

The challenges

  • Showing the full product value to customers
  • Building product-led user onboarding.
  • Finding a robust solution that could be managed by non-developers and yet support advanced customization.

Why they chose Userflow

  • User-friendly and advanced flow builder
  • Robust flows that did not break
  • Powerful theme editor to create cosmetically pleasing content

The results

  • High completion rate of onboarding flows.
  • A smooth experience without bugs.
  • A trend towards higher user activation.

About Indicative

Indicative is the only product analytics platform that connects directly to your cloud data warehouse. They are specifically designed for Product Managers, Growth Marketers, and Data Analyst teams to convert, engage, and retain customers.

They integrate all your sources of data (websites, mobile apps, marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, etc.) to enable complex data analysis for both technical and non-technical teams. No code or SQL knowledge is required.

New York, NY


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