Userflow rated as best user onboarding tool

Userflow was recently reviewed by and rated as the best user onboarding tool in the market.

The study was carried out by an independent reviewer (Andrew Pacholik) who owns, a site that shares best practice examples for user onboarding and more. In the review he tried the top user onboarding tools himself, and found Userflow to be the best. As the review says:

“Userflow is the most robust user onboarding software currently available. There’s not a single feature that wouldn’t make it to the top 3 compared to its competitors.”

“In my opinion, it’s close to a perfect solution, especially for the most advanced users who need maximum flexibility. Add to it great targeting/flow triggering options, powerful resource center/checklist, good design, and you’ll know why it finished ahead of the rest of the market.”

We are proud to receive a review like this, and will continue to do our best to build the best product and keep our customers happy.

Read the full user onboarding review.

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