Self-hosted Userflow.js installation (WIP)

IMPORTANT: This is a WIP! Unless you’ve been explicitly told by Userflow to use this package, you should use our CDN-hosted version instead (See the standard installation instructions).

The self-hosted Userflow.js may be required in cases such as:

  • Chrome Extensions using manifest v3, which does not allow for loading remote JavaScript code.
  • When Userflow.js is deployed on customers’ machines running behind a firewall. In this case, you’re also responsible for proxying requests to Userflow’s backend, which is not detailed in this document.

See the self-hosted installation instructions.

Reverse proxy

To use the self-hosted installation for reverse proxying (and thereby allow customers firewalls to not block Userflow) you should call userflow.setServerEndpoint(''), and then run your own proxy that proxies requests to to

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