Userflow manuscripts consist of segments.

Segment types

There are three types of segments:

  • Screencast : In screencast segments Userflow performs actions in a browser while recording it. Screencast segments can have voice-overs. They are the bulk of your videos.
  • Unrecorded actions : Userflow performs actions in unrecorded actions segments, but does not record it. They can therefore not have voice-over. They are useful for performing actions, which you do not want as part of the final video, such as signing in to your app.
  • Splash screens : Video segments displaying text of your own choice, your logo and your brand colors. Splash screens are often used as intro scenes and outro scenes. I.e. to explain what the video is about, or to sum up what the video went over. You can also add voice-over to splash screens.

Userflow will perform all actions and speak all voice-over in a segment before continuing to the next segment. This way you can synchronize the actions being performed with the voice-over spoken.

Here’s a walk-through of segments:

Next, read about actions .

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