Screencast segments and unrecorded actions segments contain actions.

Actions are instructions for Userflow on how to interact with your website/application.

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Here’s a walk-through of using actions:

We currently support the following actions:

Go to

Instructs Userflow to navigate the browser to a specified URL. All manuscripts must start with a Go to action.



Instructs Userflow to click a button/link/element on the page. Userflow will automatically find the right element based on the text you enter here.


What if the text appears multiple times on the page? In that case you can click Specify which, if multiple matches in the action’s three dot menu and specify to click e.g. the second element. Elements are ordered first by vertical position, secondly by horizontal position. In other words, an element that appears higher up on the page comes before an element further down. An element that appears further to the left comes before an element further to the right.


Sometimes elements don’t have any text. Maybe it’s a button with just an icon. Maybe you want to click an image. In this case you can click Use CSS selector in the action’s three dot menu . This feature is a bit advanced. Ask your developer, or reach out to us for help, if you find yourself in need of using CSS selectors.


Move mouse

Instructs Userflow to move the mouse to a specified element. Works similarly to Click actions, except it doesn’t click.



Instructs Userflow to move the mouse to an input field, click it and then type into it.

On the first line you tell it what value to type. On the second line you enter the label of the input field to type into.


Like with Click actions, you can also specify a specific element order and/or use CSS selectors.


Works similarly to Type actions, except it picks options in select dropdowns ( <select> HTML elements).



Works similarly to Click actions, except it double-clicks.



Works similarly to Click actions, except it right-clicks.


Mouse down

Presses the left mouse button. Does not have any settings. Does not move the mouse.


Mouse up

Releases the left mouse button. Does not have any settings. Does not move the mouse.


Press key

Instructs Userflow to press a single key, optionally with modifier keys (Shift, Control, Alt, Command). Examples: Enter , Alt + 1 , Crtrl + A .


Select file

Instructs Userflow to select one or more files in a file input.


Drag and drop file

Instructs Userflow to display a file selector, select a set of given files, and then drag and drop them to a given drop zone.


Respond to dialog

Tells Userflow to click OK or Cancel in a dialog (made with window.alert() or window.confirm() ).


Wait for element to appear

Instructs Userflow to wait until an element with the given text appears on the page.

Usually, Userflow automatically waits to proceed to the next action until all side-effects of the current action have finished. This means network requests and certain animations. If your website/application has other logic that causes content to appear after a delay, you can use this action to make Userflow explictly wait for it.

Userflow will time out after 20 seconds if the element does not appear, which will cause the rendering to fail.


Wait (seconds)

Instructs Userflow to wait a fixed number of seconds.


Need more actions?

Is there something you can’t achieve with Userflow’s current set of actions? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.

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