Disconnected steps

If you’re seeing the error message below, you’ve come to the right place:

Disconnected steps error

Before a flow can be successfully auto-saved, all steps must be linked to, in a manner such that all steps are reachable from the first step.

In the screenshot above, there’s no link from Step 1 to Step 2. That’s why we get this error message. Let’s fix it!

There are 4 ways to add links between steps:

  1. Tooltips: When the tooltip target element is clicked.
  2. Buttons: When the button is clicked.
  3. Triggers: When the trigger’s condition (the If part of “If this, then that”) is true.
  4. Questions: When an answer is submitted.

Each of these have a so-called “link port” in the Builder, which appears as a small light-blue square:

To connect 2 steps, first click a link port, and then click anywhere on another step. A path with an arrow will appear between the link port and the target step:

Connected steps

Video walkthroughs

First, we’ll show how to connect a speech bubble step with another step using buttons:

In this second example, we’ll show how to connect a tooltip step with another step:

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